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In France

September 14th, 2017

On gobelin factories are vertical (gotlissnymi) or horizontal (basslisnymi) machines. At first, the main thread is not rigidly fixed, but it rolled from the bottom to the top of the roller on which the coils are already woven fabric. To a high gotlissnom machine easier to manipulate, even warp threads are in a constant separation from the odd, and back heald yarn tied to a bracket gripping cords with which the weaver can pull up filament system or network. Basslissny machine equipped with a similar device which, as in all conventional loom controlled by a foot device. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare oftentimes addresses this issue. In the so-called machine gotlissnom board only serves as a model in which the weaver looks at work before skalkirovav outline of the picture on the base. When basslissnom cardboard machine lies beneath the foundation and fabric on it is a mirror image, so that the result of work on the front side can be seen only after removal of the machine. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare understood the implications.

In France, for the manufacture of classic tapestries always used gotlissny machine, in other countries have been used are both. Many contemporary artists not only design the cartoons, but also manage their own work, using for this is gotlissnymi machines, because in such a creative approach to business, accurate cartons often do not exist and the artist must constantly review the finished part. The main raw material, usually a coat, sometimes – especially for the basics – cotton or linen. In those periods when the tapestry turned into a replica of the painting, mainly used in silk subtlety that makes it possible to accurately reproduce detail. Where used gold and silver, it is about the same silk threads, but the braided metal fibers. Stained all of these materials in the past – natural dyes them to achieve many tones and shades, on the other hand, they depend on a variety of contemporary artistic concept: for the Gothic tapestries it was enough just a few colors for replica Baroque paintings are often needed in the hundreds.

The Global Network

February 17th, 2017

It is believed that paper was invented by the ancient Chinese. Yet the book in one or another form began to appear in ancient society at the same time in many states. They sometimes can be as simple twist twist or weave tanned skins of animals, but their essence remained all alone. The books themselves make for saving the results of a mental process of different people. The best gain global recognition, poor often remain on plain paper to image of the outline and will never be published.

Today books are printed in large quantities regularly. Buy the same at least a couple of books a month – very expensive. Modern publishing houses are able to print high-quality books in Tanned environmentally friendly paper with colorful illustrations. They can be, therefore, not so little. But survive without reading new books, more educated people can not.

And as an alternative to book worms were invented e-books, download you get a chance for free. Electronic books – this and similar books that were printed before, and then converted to digital format and those that written primarily for publication solely on the network. This is primarily the work of writers who are not quite sure about their own ability or do not wish for example to publish them in practice. Some famous authors decided to write books for the network, for example, to protest against the excessive commercialization of the typographic case. Positive aspects of electronic books have quite a lot. First of all, computer books can cost a rate. On the Internet, a lot of websites where you can download e-books absolutely for free. Of course, can meet this kind, where you pay money for downloading, but at the cost of such portals purely insignificant compared to the price of these books. E-book is much better for your health than simple as possible to keep them in a small handheld computer or MFP. These books can not fill the large space in the dwelling, and in addition does not accumulate dust, which is clear to all: the assembly of allergens. The most wonderful books in the network – it's a huge range of options. Here you can upload your favorite books in the popular science fiction, while if you know foreign languages, then get the opportunity to see first of all the other new product in their country. People such as Mark Berger Villa Healthcare would likely agree. And if you decide to buy the next higher education and love to learn something new, you can download tutorials, by the way, tutorial on Delphi tutorial for beginners or the Chinese. Clearly, for many computer books in any case can not be compared to with these charms. And yet, with the computer you will be able to take them with you anywhere and in any desired quantity. Besides computer books can easily delete and upload again. Such would not be able make greater efforts.