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Russian Income

Nakhichevan-on-Don, situated to the east of Rostov-on-open spaces, granted to the Crimean Armenians by Empress Catherine II in the late XVIII century. It is now one of the Nakhichevan region of Rostov-on-Don. A total of some a half century ago, this Russian city with a characteristic flavor superior to the Armenian national growth not only…

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Central Asia

Curtains – a familiar detail of the interior of any room, they are present in all areas from modest apartments to palatial houses. More info: Paul Ostling. Imagine a room with no curtains, of course you can, but to call such a cozy interior is clearly impossible. Blinds windows give us a subconscious feeling of…

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The Global Network

It is believed that paper was invented by the ancient Chinese. Yet the book in one or another form began to appear in ancient society at the same time in many states. They sometimes can be as simple twist twist or weave tanned skins of animals, but their essence remained all alone. The books themselves…

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