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Federal Government

The Pantry of the World and the Olimpadas that will be carried through in Brazil in the next years are attracting investments that, explained well or not, are giving form the great structures. Esportivos stadiums, complexes, hotels, new lines of the subway. Everything this has valued the property in diverse quarters and regions, as the…

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Local Autarchies

Word-key: Tax, Garbage; garbage retraction, City, Townspeople. I. INTRODUCTION In the democratic organization of the State, where Moambique is not of is, the local power understands it is even extended in the existence of Local Autarchies, which if define as public collective people endowed with proper representative agencies that aim at the prossecuo of the…

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Brazilian Amazon

Much if has spoken on the ambient importance of the Amaznia, but and the social one? The Brazilian Amazon region, that engloba not only the state of Amazon, but also parts of the Mato Grosso, Par, Acre, Roraima and Amap comes economically being explored since sc.XIX. First with cycle of the rubber, later with the…

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