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Global Heating

Now it is a well established theory that the effect of relatively small variations in the radiation of the Sun are amplified primarily by the cosmic rays. The solar wind protects the Land, in some extension, of the cosmic rays come of the remaining portion of the universe. When it diminishes of intensity, as a…

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China Inhabitants

In the average age, had to the practised commerce the long distance, the cities had acquired the feio of commercial warehouse. In century XIX, the Industrial Revolution brought a new concept: the quality of life already threatened by the pollution generated for plants in the Europe. At the beginning of century XIX, London was the…

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Consumption And Consumerism

We are facing problems as extreme events, hurricanes, floods, waves of heat, storms, floodings of the great metropolises due the waterproofing of the ground for asphalt, concrete and other types of substances, beyond these events, we have the deforestation the pollution of the hdricos resources, and proper the ground, the so dangerous increase of the…

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