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Worldwide Crisis

During the last decades, almost the totality of the world lives under the predominant ideology of the neoliberalismo, that is, the markets assume the command of the economy of the countries, with consequent reduction of the paper of the Estado.Em the globalizado world, were of if waiting that at the moment where U.S.A., greater economy…

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Asian Continent

Eliel Manasses of the Rock Professor Davi de Miranda University Center Leonardo of the Vinci? UNIASSELVI Geography (GED 0611)? SUMMARY practises Educative Modulates V 25/06/2010 the Asian continent is the continent greater of the land in territorial formation. It is the continent most populous also with more than the half of the world-wide population. David…

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Economic Planning

The knowledge of the population is essential for the economic planning and the accomplishments of public politics of a country. The demography is essential for the delimitation of the scale of the births and the deaths or, in other words, the natural trajectory of the population. But also it is from the study of the…

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Visitors Site

Only a few months ago I received an email from one of my subscribers describing the launch of your new site. Really that was well excited and thought that this site would truly bring you money hand over fist. When I visited your site also I was surprised your creative design, its quick and easy…

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