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Hamburg Lane

October 16th, 2017

IT training center in Peruvian city of Hamburg/Berlin, 29 October 2009 the IT training provider fast lane has opened a new branch in Peru. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. Thus, the company continues its international expansion in the field of IT training and consulting. Lima represents a strategically relevant location as a major transport hub and important economic and cultural centre. In the focus of the new presence, training and consulting services are available in the high-end area, for example, original training of the manufacturers Cisco and VMware. In addition, the current program for 2010 in the range was integrated and is available at. With the new Office, fast lane extends its global training network. As a Cisco Learning solutions partner training expert focuses on the complete Cisco curriculum with the topics: routing & switching, data center & storage, security, communications & services, network design, unified communications, wireless and sales. In addition, the current VMware courses in the foreground are in marketing.

For a practical training lab environments are available worldwide with the latest technology available. Jim Vos is full of insight into the issues. Certified experts also offer online training for the Cisco training range as well as for the VMware courses. In addition, fast lane to the individual requirements of manufacturers, partners and end customers developed tailor-made courses to the most important future technologies. New branch in Peru: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer Peru real Seis San Isidro AV. Victor A. Belaunde 147 Edificio real Seis piso 7 Lima 27 fast lane in brief: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St.

Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training and ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact: Barbara Jansen Tel. + 49 (0) 40 25 33 46 – 10 fax + 49 (0) 40 23 53 77 – 20 E-Mail: PR agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel. + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0 – 0 fax + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

Microsoft Project

October 8th, 2017

Theory grey “Learning by Doing” and not the Grobman & Schwarz GmbH offers this year training around the topic Microsoft Project and Project Server. As always, the motto “Learning by Doing” and not the grey theory in the foreground stands at these seminars. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6 persons, allowing a maximum individuality and the questions of the participants of the seminar can be treated under realistic conditions. Robert Iger has much to offer in this field. The seminars are held by experienced, Microsoft and PMI-certified project managers and take a day each. They are exactly co-ordinated and complement each other. Click Jim Vos for additional related pages. So the personal training schedule can be designed individually and must not be like other providers at a time. Well-trained employees work not only faster and more efficiently with the software, it increases especially the acceptance and thus the data quality”, says Cedric Schwarz, Managing Director of Grobman & Schwarz GmbH. the companies are discovering the benefits for themselves and rely on our training. The Selecting the right partner is essential. The client posts not only any training, but also corresponding know-how can access crucially,.” The Munich-based company offers user support and consulting seminars project server hosting and implementation. ( microsoft project server training seminar training) Yevgeny Grobman

ADIVA With New Installation Services Server Virtualization

August 22nd, 2017

ADIVA helps with new installation services server virtualization Paderborn, September 07, 2010. The VAD distributor ADIVA allows all partners to participate in the current trend of server virtualization. With the new services, ADIVA support during installation and commissioning of VMware, Microsoft and Citrix-server environments and SAN storages. Virtualization, the cost of infrastructure be reduced through consolidation of server and storage systems and simultaneously increased their efficiency. CBS usually is spot on. ADIVA computer technology GmbH paves the entry in this field of business for its partners with new services: ADIVA support during installation and commissioning of VMware, Microsoft and Citrix server environments and provides the knowledge for the successful use of these solutions. In addition, ADVIA grants a discount of 5% on the new installation services in September. The timing of the award of the contract in September and not the later date of installation is essential for this. The new services ADIVA installed and Configure a virtualization server, to which the partner then connects with the help of a client system together with the partner.

Depending on the customer and system requirements, ADIVA creates a virtual machine based on Windows or Linux, and establishes the necessary services on the server. The services offered include the installation of VMware Vsphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, CITRIX XenServer and Microsoft Server 2008 R2. Furthermore, ADIVA also helps the target group-specific installation and commissioning of SAN storage solutions. CITRIX XenServer installation ADIVA support during installation and commissioning of Citrix XenServer at the customer and gives partners the knowledge for the successful use of Citrix XenServer 5.0/5.6 and the XenCenter management client. ADIVA installs and configures a virtualization server, to which the partner then connects with the help of the XenCenter management client together with the partner. Depending on the customer and system requirements, a virtual machine is created, based on Windows or Linux, and a XenServer resource pool created, will be connected to a local / remote storage.

French Evolution

March 13th, 2017

Incomedia represented at CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia 2010 Incomedia will be represented at CeBIT in Istanbul on October 6-10 with the support of his Turkish partner Aresis, leading distributor in the Turkish market, to the award-winning software WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 to expose and to reaffirm its presence on this new market. WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 is the hallmark of the company and allows you to create and publish attractive and professional Web sites, blogs and online stores. Others including Mark Berger Villa Healthcare, offer their opinions as well. The Web Editor is already available in 18 languages, including German, English, French, Turkish, Russian and is currently sold in over 40 countries, through a proven network of international partners. Thanks to its ease of use, originality, as well as the simple application of integrated, professional and innovative features, WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 holds its own repeatedly under the private users, Web designers, as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises and thus his position in the Expand the software industry. From October 6th to 10th Incomedia, is received together with his partner Aresis, visitors, partners and press in Istanbul, on the CeBIT Bilisim in Hall 2, booth B18.

The CeBIT Bilisim represents the most important ICT fair in the entire Eurasian region and is at the same time international hub of ICT markets Turkey, Southeast Europe and the Black Sea region. Over 146,000 visitors from more than 79 countries are expected to attend. Federico Ranfagni, CEO of Incomedia, noted: currently the software in the electrical trade markets available Media Markt and Bimeks. However, Incomedia strives to develop the presence of WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 in Turkey. We are pleased in this respect very, also this year the opportunity to be able to introduce our product to new partners, especially in the IT sector to close more successful cooperation within the country”. There is more information to WebSite X 5 Evolution 8: here is there more information about CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia 2010: Contact: Norma Wagner INCOMEDIA via Burolo, 22A – 10015 IVREA (TO) – ITALY tel/fax + 39-0125-253491 official sites:,


August 29th, 2016

Students, managers, marketing experts and teachers use this extensive range of business diagrams. Customers choose the following added value because: – high quality business time savings, faster access, customer-friendly – easy, quick charts – direct downloads without any restrictions – and low-cost services – different price structures (single downloads, membership, draw packs) – additional required no software other than PowerPoint – visualized business and management knowledge Outlook is a good alternative for students and PowerPoint users, fast and cheap to get to pre-made templates. The quality templates allow the customers in a business to focus presentation without wasting much time in developing graphics on the essential content. The PowerPoint community decide whether this offer by the desired added value generated. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare is often quoted on this topic. In any case, the need for templates for PowerPoint presentations on the market seems available to professional management. Content based diagrams PowerPoint, presentations, business models, management models, diagrams, graphics, templates, films, downloads, know-how, business diagrams, matrix charts, relationship diagrams, circuit diagrams, circuit diagrams, hierarchy charts, pyramid charts, dice charts, shape charts, triangle diagrams, network diagrams, Fishbone diagrams, flow charts, construction diagrams, circuit diagrams, flowcharts, axis charts, histograms, bar charts, line charts, cross diagrams, star charts, subset of diagrams, process diagrams, convergence graphs, segmentation charts, positioning charts, organization charts content business charts financial management, organization, marketing, materials management, human resources management, management accounting, strategy management, technology management, Innovation management, strategic planning, policy analysis, Strategy alternatives strategy evaluation strategy check, market analysis, market information, marketing strategies, product management, distribution management, condition management, pricing policies, marketing communication, advertising, market research, financial investment, financial analysis, portfolio management, business valuation, M & A, financial markets, organizational structures, organizational change, knowledge management, procurement management, production management, logistics, production planning, production, quality management

Enterprise Portal

July 14th, 2016

With Intrexx 5 accessible intranets and websites create authorities and administrations are obliged to make their intra – and Internet sites as barrier-free as possible. Also in the private sector the issue of gaining importance, since many advantages to the barrier-free design of the corporate intranet. With the portal software Intrexx 5 it is therefore now possible to create broadly accessible Web applications out-of-the-box. Freiburg, may 12, 2010. The intranet (or Neu: Enterprise Portal) is hardly indispensable both in the company and authorities. The benefits that the use of this central data hub provides for the internal information management and the management of the day-to-day operations are too big. Increasingly the publicly accessible website is implemented also using a portal software in addition to the internal also. People with disabilities have special needs in relation to the representation of an intra – or Internet page.

Only if this is barrier-free, it’s for you easily possible to access the contents of the page. For this reason is the new version of the portal software Intrexx from United planet ( by default already a widely barrier-free layout supplied with, in which, inter alia, the font size can be flexibly adapted. The creation of largely accessible Web applications is with Intrexx 5 quickly and easily possible. Thereby, Intrexx follows to a large extent comply with the barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV) as well as the Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0) for barrier-free access to intranet and Internet sites. Websites can be created with the out-of-the-box of available tools from Intrexx, reach 90 points and more in the BITV test and thus belong to the good to very good accessible Web services according to BITV. The new designer of Intrexx 5 makes this possible, which are now completely based on cascading style sheets (CSS). It allows the implementation of page layouts without tables and also tables-free navigation.

News From The ForumRomanum

July 2nd, 2016

ForumRomanum: The forums world placed on a map. Forums, communities and social networks are booming like never before and join the society as a whole. According to CBS, who has experience with these questions. There is no boredom. But where are all the user and how to recommend vividly particular locations in the real world or tips you want to share directly in the Forum? The German Internet pioneer ForumRomanum (, where more than 450,000 free forums reported met this great desire of its numerous users and integrated the whole world of spanning user – as well as community maps based on advanced Google maps – and all free. The usermaps enables the forums users can now sign up on a map and see the location on a street map, but really close zoom also on satellite imagery; of course automatically linked with the forum software.

So you can learn under circumstances that the one or the other user in the vicinity lives what you previously didn’t know. This is, for example, a big relief for user meeting Dar. It is also interesting to find out what corners of Germany, Europe or the world of coming forums-user and continues as the global networking. Click the forums owner can also enable a community map for its Forum, where he or even the Forum visitors save selected places, such as for example the exact location of a user meeting, especially worthwhile destinations for car and motorbike tours, favorite restaurants and hotels, as well as recommended shops – the possibilities are endless and represent a useful added value for all communities. Thus, a map with the favorite, precisely tailored to the interest group haunts available stands for every forum at ForumRomanum. Since 1999, ForumRomanum offers its services completely free of charge and hosts forums on all imaginable topics of individuals about clubs to companies and well-known personalities. The forums can be easily set up in a few minutes, adjust the layout of your website and have quite a few Features, such as, for example, photo galleries for the image upload without limit.

CoSYNUS Mobile Device Server 7 Now Available

May 1st, 2016

The new version of CoSYNUS mobile device server offers numerous innovations for the safe operation of mobile devices in the company of Darmstadt, April 10, 2012 mid-March was presented the version 7 of the CoSYNUS CoSYNUS mobile device server Partner Conference in Frankfurt. Since the end of March, the software is now officially available. The new version focuses in particular on complementary functions in the field of mobile device management (MDM). Mobile devices are now often interfaces and tools integrated into the company an urgently necessary management of devices is not possible in many cases. Exactly this our solution comes in”, so Michael Reibold, Managing Director of CoSYNUS. The CoSYNUS mobile device Server 7 is a total solution that features numerous MDM in addition to the integration. Thus, access to corporate data only from established mobile devices is possible. Leslie Moonves has firm opinions on the matter. They communicate only encrypted, and the administrator can various functions through policy Configure.

When a Smartphone or tablet, for example, lost, the corporate data about remote wipe can be deleted. In addition, the administrator always has a complete overview of the used mobile devices and can easily manage them. In addition to the MDM functions, now also mobile devices with Windows phone 7, as well as the new BlackBerry PlayBook can be integrated OS 2.0 operating system. Thus, the CoSYNUS mobile device server covers all mobile platforms relevant for enterprise. A leading source for info: Discovery Communications. Also, in addition to synchronizing email, calendar and address book from now tasks on all mobile platforms can be used.

The CoSYNUS mobile device Server 7 is available free of charge for customers with software maintenance. To get more information, see mds. About CoSYNUS GmbH the CoSYNUS GmbH headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, plans, develops and operates mobile business and unified messaging solutions for a smarter communication in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Tobit David, SAP and Baan environments. Since 1993, over 25,000 users in more than 1,500 small and medium-sized enterprises are supervised throughout Europe. CoSYNUS, as well as the certified service and support cutting-edge solutions accelerate the enterprise communication processes and reduce costs for the exchange of information. The seamless integration of different types of message and communication without media discontinuities within the Organization as well as with mobile employees improve cooperation within the enterprise and with business partners. This sustainably increases productivity with fast return on investment. Many years of experience and qualified employees guarantee maximum safety for the customer systems. CoSYNUS has a network of more than 100 partners in three partner programs and strategic partnerships with Microsoft, SAP, research in motion, Tobit, IBM and Novell.

Solution Partnership Between Bohme & Weihs And ViCon

April 29th, 2016

Quality and process management perfectly integrated since February 2012 have the Bohme & Weihs Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG and the ViCon GmbH partnered solution, to connect their unique expertise in the area of CAQ software and process modeling. Thus, both companies offer their customers a continuous solution of the process definition of the quality monitoring up to the continuous improvement across the enterprise. While the performance of the integration extends far beyond simple data exchange, and substantive networking of both software applications. Flexible WFOs, so-called workflow objects, uses the process modeling software users ViFlow on the CAQ software CASQ-it too, without leaving ViFlow. “” This close link allows with just one mouse click to get from each individual process step directly to the contextual CAQ application: for example from the process step to evaluate suppliers ‘ directly in the CASQ-it supplier evaluation, from the process step of adoption of the complaint “directly into the “Complaint or audit plan” promptly in the CASQ-it audit plan. Background information, analysis and metrics of quality-relevant processes are thus now in the usual ViFlow workspace available process accurately, simply and quickly. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chip Smith.

In addition, it will be even possible continue to use the defined and shared CAQ-system from ViFlow processes. ViFlow deposited manufacturing process for example, then the basis for the process audit or plan dictates the structure in the control. The direct relationship of between the systems saves not only time, but allows a continuous flow of information and avoid so that unnecessary costs and that across all business processes. Since 2000 the ViCon GmbH with the process modeling software offers ViFlow one of the market leading solutions for business process management. The success factors of software, maximum practice reference in simple usability, reflected as well in the software from Bohme & Weihs, one of the innovators in the field CAQ-software. The mutual integration now provides a holistic management system for process – and quality viewing. On the customer information day by Bohme & Weihs in March for the first time the user could convince themselves, like incredibly solution-oriented both software applications under the motto efficient integration, rather than inefficient island solutions”work together.

ITIL Compliant And What Now?

April 27th, 2016

IT quality as the next evolutionary step in the IT service management Baloch, April 11, 2012 – with ITIL companies and public institutions in the last few years the base for a process-oriented IT management made. However, alone the improved basic structure of ITIL compliant processes ensures still no radical performance improvement, but an additional quality control of IT services, it is necessary. For even more details, read what Chip Smith says on the issue. According to the consulting firm ITSM Consulting AG, this represents the next evolutionary step. “With ITIL, the target is still far from achieved, but now IT organizations must address increasingly the next step”, explains Frank Zielke, Board member of the consulting firm, and added: the issue of quality approaches alone already that’s why front on the agenda, because must be IT acquired an increasingly rubbing shoulders with the concrete market business and as a result, they controlled after business-related principles. ” For this reason, market-relevant performance parameters would have to the Business processes converted such as the availability and response obligations towards clients in technology related performance values. On the other hand the necessary performance is continuously to make sure, because otherwise the market-related business processes and thus the competitive strength of the company suffer.” ITSM Consulting has published an extensive practical help IT quality.

She can be obtained free of charge and is aimed at managers in the IT and ITIL organization of companies and the public administration. The Guide content, on the other hand deals with the analysis of typical quality weaknesses in the IT processes and the need for it to be derived from action. This includes respondent managers in particular the heavy measurability of process improvements and insufficient quality definitions for the IT services perspective. On the other hand, practice-oriented approaches guide become the basic design of quality-oriented management of IT services using the COBIT framework complementing ITIL described. This includes also the presentation of measurement methods for assessing the IT processes in an IT quality-index, in which the availability, reliability, performance, and compliance factors be used as assessment criteria. The guide can be ordered free of charge at.

ITSM consulting: The ITSM Consulting AG is an independent, internationally operating IT consulting company in the areas of process optimisation and organisational Consulting IT service management. In addition, the core competencies include the effective and efficient management of IT organizations in the interest of timely and targeted IT governance. At the same time, ITSM Consulting AG is one to the few training houses accredited by the TuV for ISO/IEC 20000 and all ITIL V3 training courses in Germany. Also there is a close cooperation with the ISACA and corresponding COBIT training courses are offered. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71