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Important Vitamins

We especially children are bound to a vitamin-rich food, since our bodies can produce very few vitamins themselves. Retinol and the carotene: Precursor of vitamin A, they need babies for the first time with the baby foods. They will be used for the formation of antibodies (immunoglobulin A) to build up of mucous membranes, skin…

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Amazon Immune

Lozenges with zinc and vitamin C can help many people are have surprised in the spring and summer of a cold, which at this time of year now ever not expected it. But it is not rare. Not for nothing, this type is called also summer flu from colds. In most cases, viruses for the…

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Max Planck Institute

Hosts can predict decisions a team of scientists from the Max Planck Institute for human cognitive and brain sciences in Leipzig, the Charite Berlin as also of the Bernstein Center for computational neuroscience Berlin have found that already several seconds before a person makes a decision, to read signs of intention from the brain are.…

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Snuff addiction consisting of a dependence on the same which produces a poisoning of the body, which reduces the smoker’s health, encourages the development of disease and reduces the life expectancy of the smoking population. The smoker feels the urge to smoke by the values stimulant that produces snuff ingestion because nicotine stimulates the adrenal…

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Ingrown Nail And Treatment

Ingrown nail – a pathological process ingrowth of the lateral edge of the nail in okolonogtevoy cushion. The disease is accompanied by inflammation of the soft tissues: red, swollen fingers, education, and pus. Reasons: – deep cutting of the lateral edge of the nail – prolonged pressure and trauma of nail ridge close narrow shoes,…

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Economic Situation

The economic situation of crisis, the disasters of climate and energy crisis caused by human activity. All have their origin in the current development model based on economic growth in the wild and “liberalization” of the economy. Especially in agricultural markets and whose priority is not the right of individuals and peoples to food, but…

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