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Health Promotion

It is with this bedding that the nurse plans and carries through its action that if destines many times the formation of permanent groups of education in health, as for example: group of aged, diabetic, hipertensos, in view of that this action is praised by the MS, so that the units of health of basic…

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Nursing Front Blood

The transfusionais reactions are sistmicas answers of the organism to the incompatible blood. Being caused for the eritrocitria incompatibility or alrgica sensitivity to the components of the blood or to conservantes. (POTTER, 2005, p.1253). The transfusionais reactions can be classified as immediate or delayed. As Resolution RDC n 153, of 14 of June of 2004,…

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Brazilian Espndula

He is elegant also in its tone of voice and the expressions. Not he speaks high, he does not criticize, not fofoca, he is not disloyal, he does not neglect nor uses me the faith ignoring other people’s pain. He knows to be dressed correctly and appropriately, without shocking the people. She knows that, amongst…

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