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Latin America

The exchange of ideas serves to enrich each other, who does understand and accept that, has a world of possibilities against itself. LM:no, surely not. All ideas of Diego would not and perhaps turn the potential of some of the mine either. What is the most difficult part of working as director of ROVE?DC: Honestly…

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United Arab Emirates

The moratorium of payment requested by Dubai, a debt that sustains its economy Center; Dubai World, has captured the attention of the world economy promoting internationally a closing financial markets downward; where are European and Asian countries those that have most suffered this coup so far, since activities were suspended in the United States. Dubai…

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Africa is a balkanized continent?, B. Ben Yahmed wondered since its indisputable authority and prestige. Details can be found by clicking Jeffrey L. Bewkes or emailing the administrator. The problem is by the absurd inclination to admire the greatest and the most expensive. Similar to many confuse value with price, not a few are still…

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Mysterious Power Process

Every day we are fighting in our projects, whether new or old, somehow we are looking for improve and that’s excellent, the determining factor in our search is time, just thinking how long must wait to make public certain ideas may generate fatigue without even having begun. It is normal to wish to seek shortcuts…

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Now yes us.?UU. can you lead the recovery of the world economy? Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 of February of 2009 is essential that every American understand that the battle for economic recovery must be fought on two fronts. We have to start creating employment and private investment, and we must do the credit flowing again…

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To find the required value. To be better in life. To help us on those occasions in which our physical forces or spiritual falter. To ensure a good catch or so let’s go unharmed. Ultimately, and as more accurate synthesis: to find a beam of light in the darkness that cover our path. Taking a…

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