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Transformers: The appointment and classification. The transformer is a static electromagnetic device with two (or more) coils, dedicated mostly to convert alternating current of one voltage alternating current of another voltage. The transformation of energy in the transformer by an alternating magnetic field. James H. Billington contributes greatly to this topic. Transformers are widely used…

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Construction And Woodworking Machinery

At home, in most cases, the machines used by small size. They are not much different from the analogues used in the production of quality manufactured products, but significantly lower on number of products manufactured per unit time. Technical review of machines used in the carpentry business, perhaps you should start by considering Multiblade machine.…

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The Construction

Therefore, the most common and correct constructive solution to the foundations of the houses should be considered as columnar foundations of precast concrete elements or wooden posts, exposed to the appropriate depth of antiseptic impregnation. Along the perimeter of the building for drainage is necessary to arrange blind area or sidewalks. The wooden elements of…

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