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The result was that it had to be implemented in the Prxis then, well and that turned out again and again in everyday practice as a problem to the implementation itself half was forgotten. Some participants were unable to cope, others defy, that was not because any practice on the topic of QM had a…

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An Apple

In the bedroom all organs and the brain recover sorted and stores what you have recorded important information during the day. Switching off at night by you think again about the beautiful moments of the day: what did I make today? What I enjoyed with all the senses? What am I pleased? What I laughed?…

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Meridian Energy

There are a large number of alternative healing methods. What are advantages and disadvantages the? Health remains one of the most important criteria for quality of life. Physical and mental health are the most important factor in life, for most people especially with increasing age. Conventional medicine must be measured in long offers various alternative…

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