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One Cabinet

Its objective is to fulfill the predicted public deficit. You may want to visit Jeffrey L. Bewkes to increase your knowledge. They try to save 5,000 million Euros. The obligatory nature to prescribe generic and the partial reform of the tax of societies will be two of the main proposals. The Cabinet has predicted to…

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Mediterranean Europe

Until June 440 million tourists, a 4.5% traveled more. Especially remarkable it is the growth of 15% South America and the reduction of 12% of the Middle East and North Africa. According to the World-wide Organization of the Tourism, the growth of the rest of the year could become moderate by the increase of the…

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Economic Crisis

Alberto Degrees 20m What for the organizations it is a price to pay by served, for many is used to obtain still more to managers with crazy pays. In spite of the economic crisis, the commissions have increased years in the last. The banks and boxes count on different commissions. Commissions. See more detailed opinions…

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Spanish Tourism

/It is a plain of 82,000 hectares that has become an attraction for many tourists who look for the essence of the country. Riders dressed in traditional suits, cars thrown by native oxen and a landscape without elevations that are lost in the horizon Between lagoons, can see wild bisons, asses and eagles. Hungary is…

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