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Bilateral Pacts

Each solution for the crisis of the Euro and the sovereign debt finds a new problem. For other opinions and approaches, find out what George F. Gunn Jr. has to say. Or several. The agreement on the second plan of financial rescue of Greece and the extension of the stabilization bottom found soon but that…

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The Bank of Spain

2,800 million by means of the purchase of action will be contributed. A process will be abrir to adjudge it to the best postor. The Bank of Spain has decided east Friday to take part the Savings bank of Mediterrneo (CAM), the Spanish organization with worse level of solution, to capitalize it with the contribution…

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According to the last survey of the Eurobarometer published by the European Commission. 31,769 entravistas to European became between the 6 and 26 of May past ones. Therefore, it does not consider the last big wave of attacks to the Spanish debt. The 19% say that Luis trusts the Government of Jose Rodriguez Zapatero. 53%…

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