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Economic Crisis

October 21st, 2017

Use time to their own company “to clean up”! Crises create opportunities, understand a crisis as an opportunity! Economic crisis”. Now we read every day about it and many people ask themselves, when the global crisis affects also the own company. How do you get these ideas? Scary? Anxiety? Crippling? This can be but does not have! There are investigations of well-known consulting firms have shown that leaders in crisis situations rather risk taker behave. The same executives are more risk-averse in a promising situation with positive profit expectations, however, and pursuing the strategy of “do never chance a running system”. In the reverse case, one can conclude that it is a significant initial action for process and product innovations from a crisis.

Thus, every crisis is also an opportunity to rethink stalled processes and to emerge stronger from this situation. So together we tackle it! There are also employees who constantly recurring within your company disability sick? Field staff while supposedly from morning to evening for the company on tour”, but have no sufficient customer success? Employees who copy your valuable customer data and possibly illegal sideline to set up an own company use, because you feel misunderstood when you? Are their employees really sick or really all day just for your company on the road? Are your employees really completely loyal? Can your company afford employees in such tough economic times, which is not fully behind their company, may be faking her illness, or in their own pockets? If you answer one of these questions is no, then we should talk the unrestricted legal recoverability of our detective work about our possibilities, successes to date, and first and foremost. Experience has shown that our clients because of our can legally safe operation – some in over 90% of all cases with the convicted employees on an out-of-court, discreet solution without incurring additional image damage, and without any additional compensation payments or similar to tiles. Even our costs can most completely are requested by the ‘ polluter pays ‘ so the common law of German employment courts. Nothing against workers who are really sick or really from early until late in the field do their best to help the company of your company. Such employees are supposed to be in calm cure and be healthy, be motivated. Employees who only harm their operating and shamelessly exploit the social network in Germany, don’t have no future in the interest of other colleagues in a well-run operation, which have to do with the stale work. Learn more on the subject from Jim Vos. Using expert, Detective of the economic detective agency Lentz can react faster and more flexible and reduce her entrepreneurial risk. Can advise and inform and tell us your problem right here.

Launch New Co-branding Credit Card Portal On German

October 18th, 2017

On time as planned to the Christmas festivities, the German information portal for co-branding in the prepaid card market is launched today. Under a cobranding interested companies can have free listings for an individual credit card program in their individual corporate design. The operator CROWN is on the offensive and offers a standard solution for prepaid credit cards with a wide range of services. Renate cable Hall of marketing said: all card programs are equipped with money-transfer function. This means that you can send money from A to B worldwide in real time to a very low rate and also make payments directly from your card balance.

“Companies are therefore using our co-branding as their own corporate card solution, offer banking services, the it in this segment to date did not exist.” CROWN takes over the complete implementation of the program here, provides for a submission and approval of all operations in cooperation with the processors and the design of the credit cards checks from credit card companies, (if necessary in-house graphic designer and create even for customers) and programmed with a customer site in the company style. On this then interested customers and resellers receive all information about the card, to be able to order them online and login directly to the card account, make transactions. The entire service is included by default in German and English language. Especially for distributors our solution is interesting”, so rope Berger. They can use for example the cards for their own employees in the field; about, where you book from commissions and income directly in real time on the cards or transfer budgets for colleagues who are on a business trip.” It is irrelevant whether the colleagues in Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, etc. live because all cards can Europe delivered be. Companies that want to offer the cards only, get also the full range of services and benefits.

Not only the company’s image is strengthened; also the binding to the customer and the new synths should be easy with this promotional marketing tool. The past and the messages of already implemented programs demonstrate this. All the information about the services mentioned in this press release the product lines can immediately free of charge under and are available in German language. CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC is a service provider for co-branding credit/Prepaidkartenlosungen with money-transfer function. MasterCard and customer site are delivered in your own corporate design and aligned all the tools for 100% on the corporate identity of the brand partner. The provider has a network of credit card processors and card-issuing banks across Europe. Get all the facts and insights with Jim Vos, another great source of information. Correspondent banks, to charge card balances, are available in each country. Cards are shipped out across the EU.


May 8th, 2016

New business areas through sustainable services at the same time economically and ecologically sustainable act like these seemingly contradictory goals of both products and services in line can be brought? The Fraunhofer IAO has conducted a market survey on this subject. The focus of the investigation, the questions, what are the success factors for the provision of sustainable services, what are the requirements were a technical service for the label green must meet and where there is need for research and development activities. Based on the study is a survey of providers of technical services and responsible for the service business in companies. Leslie Moonves can aid you in your search for knowledge. Green services refer to services whose supply and use central objective criteria represent environmental, economic and social sustainability in the study. They promote sustainable development related to the natural environment, to the individual companies and the society and implement them consistently around. For business success, innovative business models play today an important role as the anchor of the principle sustainability in the company. Sustainable services are not only an effective image issue according to the study, but offer the possibility to create added value and to open up new fields of business with views of the customers.

Among other things an early awareness and integration of customers plays an important role for the market success of sustainable services. Under certain circumstances, providers of green services take over even a promoter role for sustainability in the services sector. Successful provider of green services have also recognized that a holistic approach to environmental, economic and social sustainability is essential and that organizational structures and human resources at an early stage will have to be rebuilt, with green services black write numbers to be able to. Services can According to ecologically sustainable design make a significant contribution to the total life cycle assessment of the economy, because the service sector has a correspondingly high level of activities due to its economic importance, associated with high resource consumption and a significant amount of emissions. What part have individual services, depends on its type and must be checked in each individual case. “It is important that when developing green services at an early stage and systematically addressed economic factors and a thorough analysis of market and business needs, as well as sustainability criteria will be. Only then, service providers can make a positive contribution to the environment and society and evolve at the same time economically sustainable. More information: dpm/923.html Tobias Hug, Fraunhofer IAO

Approach And Responsibility: Professional Copywriters Take President At His Word

April 29th, 2016

“Approach and responsibility: professional copywriters take the President at his word the professional copywriter meeting on 24.03, 2012 in Dresden was under the motto: even closer to the customer”. Thus, the network Germany-wide sales copywriter Profitexter.NET(t) handle the promises of the new President, Joachim Gauck, to promote convergence (between Government and people). This means for Profitexter.NET(t): approach to maximum customer benefit. And ladies and gentlemen professional copywriter want to meet even their great responsibility to secure the best possible sales success of its entrepreneur clients, with their work even more now. But have she even hoherschraubt their quality requirements. David Zaslav has similar goals. Two of the many questions that let the sales copywriter heads smoking last Saturday until 22:00.

How still the customer closer to? Because, as the professional copywriter with their activities, such as for example the newsletter PT Insider”Twitter and Facebook already now close off to the customer. It’s even closer? And ob! … And so for example the contact through the Web site for the customer, or prospective customers should be facilitated. With a new enquiry function via E-Mail and a telephone hotline. WHERE is even more quality? Finally, the selling lyricist of Profitexter.NET(t) have pretty much set the quality bar high since the first birth in 2006 – and carved them in their ethics code on stone. There, they undertake among others to the strict members-selection, which guarantees that a sound training – the customer receives text only experienced, professionals on hand, and have many years of experience as a direct marketing copywriter. More and more business customers rely on the “class-rather than mass principle”, because it pays off in cash coin for them. The professional copywriter focus this year on the quality of the “approach” – say: at first contact with the customer. For this, the request form for professional writers interested parties on the website will be optimized.

Amarok Launches Innovative Email Marketing Solution

May 11th, 2014

Franchise in Turkey has officially opened a new email and mobile marketing Amarok in Turkey with its own Office Amarok, one of the leading hosted E-marketing software, as well. Amarok has sealed the partnership with Turk ice ISection recently to offer a very competitive email and mobile marketing service Asia minor as well as Turkey. ISection, managed by the manager Lisa Kamau, a 15-year-old Web services and software development company, providing solutions to companies of virtually any size. Lisa Kamble: “our goal is to offer a complete range of email and mobile marketing services in Turkey and our multinational customers. Our goal at ISection is to be market leader in permission-based marketing along with a first-class partner such as Amarok. We have full confidence in our Turkish Amarok team and we will in the course of time expand the feature set and continually improve the application.” “GraphicMails solution is ideal for us, Since it very easy and flexible, is yet refined enough to meet standards of advanced user. Amarok offers more than 300 free newsletter templates that are suitable for every industry and every type of business,”Lisa summarizes.

From a market position-related perspective, Lisa GraphicMails strengths it sees that the company provides a relationship-based service which can be tailored to local business practices. The most important thing for a company is to grow in Turkey to build strong relationships with market stakeholders and be international. Personal relationships are often very critical, if you bring an offer for a new contract, even if offered a better product at a lower price. The key to success in the Turkish market is to develop a broad and deeply rooted business network with individuals who act as decision makers in their companies.” The Turkish communications market is characterized by a wide widespread hunger for and rapid adoption of new technologies. In the study “analysis of Turkish mobile communication market”, for example, Istanbul Bilgi University was carried out by who, applicants in Turkey about 61.8 million in the years 2010 and 2011, when a population penetration rate of 85.1%, the number of mobile amounted. Under the 61.8 million mobile, 19.4 million 3 G applicant, representing 31% of the total market – compared to a 30% 3 G penetration rate in EU applicants are countries where this service already many years before it was available in Turkey, has been introduced. To get market acceptance, 31% in less than 2 years is a very strong indicator of interest and demand for electronic communication technologies in the Turkish population. The Turkish Eastern European and Asia minor market represents a challenge mentality and business practices because of differences in culture, that become everyday problems in a multi-continental nation could.

Amarok Turkey will turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and expand GraphicMails multilingual support and global presence as a whole. About Amarok Amarok is a self service email, mobile, and social media marketing provider that offers customized multi-channel solutions in online marketing from one source agencies and companies of any size to the needs. founded in 2001, Amarok has already many years of experience in the field of email marketing and can rely on a comprehensive know-how. With support centres in 20 countries and a software, which is available in 11 languages, Amarok uses worldwide over 40,000 satisfied customers. GraphicMails Web-based email marketing software is characterized by professional and user friendly design, shipping, and analysis tools. Over 300 design templates, user even without knowledge of HTML can make successful email campaigns.

Germany Network

May 1st, 2014

CROWN co-branding solutions Ltd. launching new co branding package for proprietary telephone networks who previously successfully active implementer CROWN enters co-branding credit card is now available with a new telephone network product on the market. Companies that own the a private telephone network, with its own freely selectable network operator name (instead of vodafone or T-Mobile) SIM cards (of course in your own corporate design) want to set up, are from now on us at the right address. The advantage but is in detail”, so the marketing by CROWN because end users later using the SIM card of the co branding partners, can call roamingkostenfrei in 63 countries. In addition a KundenPage will be the companies that opt for a private telephone network, available, where charges of the cards shall be made and orders online can be done also here in the corporate design of appropriate partners”. The mobile operators’ the co-branding partners say a premium access Crown received, to to all active SIM cards your customers manage and possibly distributors also profitable industry with the product. An airline, the IBA’s international management consultancy, as well as several small companies from the telecommunications and mobile phone division from Germany and Austria have already signed network operator contracts.

Requests from humanitarian organisations are already, that additional donations by call charges and the SIM card fee want to achieve through this new CROWN product. The total time for a monitoring of the company’s own network is country-dependent, so CROWN. Varies between 2 weeks and 3 months, according to country and the corresponding mobile radio prefix, which should have its own corporate network. The best co-branding – Starter package is already this co-branding for almost any type of company or service in question in the context of product promotion for the new co-branding from 990 euro implementation costs offered thus comes the future operator. Can even Start-Up companies This budget in the case of rule making to tackle their business success way with new innovative ideas”explains the product management of CROWN. All information about the company’s telephone networks are now available under. Free callback options and discussions in German language available since Dec 1, 2009. Telephone network-co-branding information: telephone cobranding.html Prepaidkreditkarten-co-branding-details: money-transfer-prepaidcobranding.html

Muller Messebau GmbH Matthias Glaser

April 28th, 2014

Muller Messebau confirmed with this certificate of sustainable work in March-Hugstetten, the 17.05.2013: sustainability is no Flash in the Pan and quickly said. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important everywhere in the world. The same applies to the exhibition and event industry. In order to practice sustainability sustainable, the internationally active company Muller Messebau GmbH ( the certification sustainable company powered by FAMAB has ‘ subject. In a pilot project of FAMAB, direct business communications Association developed together with the two established partners CO2OL and Viabono industry standards for sustainability in the live communication. Concretely, eleven sustainability-related divisions of the standard were identified according to the needs of industry.

Herein are located numerous measures for the sustainable management. Ultimately a company can sustainable company is only powered by FAMAB’, call, if it, for example, in the framework of Energy usage, waste prevention and mobility as well as in the employees responsibility to state of the art’ is. “Makes clear that sustainability and a certificate are not surefire, the Managing Director of Muller Messebau GmbH Matthias Glaser: we have provided us with the responsibility as international company and have us throughout the past year on the certification as sustainable company powered by FAMAB” prepared. Now in the year 2013 we now keep the certificate in our hands and are very proud!” There are also tangible reasons for certification in addition to the sentimental value and pursuit of a company such as Muller Messebau GmbH for sustainability: we feel increased pressure of our customers in terms of sustainable work and wanted to address this through a real and proportionate to our industry certification. Hence our decision for the FAMAB certificate”.”, says Managing Director Matthias Glaser. ” Short profile: Muller Messebau GmbH plans, designed and built Since more than 15 years of individual exhibition stands for commercial customers from all sectors. Execution focus Muller Messebau GmbH on structured approach in the planning and implementation, because only the defined strategic and conceptual exhibition objectives also. The Managing Director Matthias Glaser and Daniel Spatz are on the large international trade fair locations for many years, be it in the United States, the Middle East or Asia for their clients locally active and go far beyond the actual stand construction for the care, support, and implementation of State concepts.