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Rio De Janeiro

This occurred because these transformations had been consequence of the occured changes on account of the French Revolution (1789-1799), making with that it had each time deeper social and economic transformations. (SEIGEL, 1992) For this reason, it is that Siegel (1992) affirms that the bohemian became a phenomenon that defined the modern time, a time…

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Health Treatments

The bad-treatments in the third age can be defined as only or repeated act, or still, absence of appropriate action that causes damage, suffering or anguish and that they occur inside of a reliable relationship (World-wide Organization of Health). In literature, the bad-treatments usually are classified in: verbal, psychological or emotional, sexual, economic physicist, recklessness…

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Chan Wah Shun

Leung Jan left Fat San in 1885, to the 70 years returning for its native village, Gu Lao. In it developed a simplified version of Wing Chun that was known as Wing Chun de Gu Lao or Pin San Wing Chun. It passed this knowledge for 4 young: Wong Wah Saam, Yik Ying, From there…

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