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Colombian Economy Today

Note of the Publisher: Colombia is one of the economies of mighty Latin America that are today. The GIP grows, grows the investment, the consumption, its commercial surplus and also the inflation, but he is not nothing in this case to alert itself. Their commentaries a can send me: How Is the Colombian Economy Today?…

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The Summit

Never the exercise of the power, to look for the resources to preserve its health with human submission, of man against man, had been so devastating. democracy, as another element of the real jelly of political the model dominion, has as much file that idles to detail it. It is a speech, a persuasora vocal…

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Powerful Words

The words that we used have a deep effect on our self-esteem, as well as to give or to clear value to which we do. *NUESTRO LANGUAGE FORM OUR LIFE AND ENCHANTS OUR PENSAMIENTO* Albert Einstein STEP 1: THE LANGUAGE CREATES REALITY Example: He is not the same to say: 1. I will try to…

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Mexico Web Surveys

At the moment of crisis and unemployment, more and more people look for new sources of money. And one of the options that have grown more lately is the surveys by Internet in Mexico. But also there are many others that doubt that such thing is possible. They do not think that it is possible…

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