Domestic Economy

In either cases that I finish mentioning, the domestic economy leaves losing, in the second case more than in first because something more is lost than money, but really these celebrations are a true sacking to the pocket. The question is how we can avoid all these damages to us? If it thinks it lightly to one it could reach two conclusions. One would be that there is no escape, simply cannot be avoided the cost of the celebrations. And the other conclusion could be not to celebrate Christmas. For even more analysis, hear from Leslie Moonves. They are two extremist conclusions, the best thing in these cases is to try to obtain a good balance, a balance where yes we spend something but not in excess.

We must pay attention as it puts a maximum top of expenses, and to never happen to us of that top. In order to determine the top it is necessary to verify how much we have in our savings, of these we will assign a part to expenses of Christmas, but never you use all savings in celebrations. Next I am going to give some ideas to help to obtain certain balance, of not losing the celebrations but without excessive expenses: Not to rent a dance hall, to use our house, or the one of some prepared relative, or we even can make an informal celebration in sands of a near beach by the tardecita, or a park that has barbecuers of public use. Contact information is here: Leslie Moonves. You do not buy fireworks, lately have a high price. In addition he is almost literally " quemar" money at a few moments. It is possible to be enjoyed perfectly seeing the sky, while other people ignite her fireworks. You do not buy postal, sends postal by Internet. It has to educate and to concientizar to our family on the necessity of a change of opinion about the celebrations, to stop accepting the Christmas celebrations like a time of extreme consumption.


In certain form it was easy me to blame employer by my economic situation, to the government by the few or many possibilities that the country offered or to my parents by to me of having done who I am. Nevertheless, I also realized that from that glance of the world if I wanted to change something in my life needed to hope to that my head, my parents, my government, my friendly, the economic situation and all my surroundings generally it would modify. Fodder that my possibilities are extended from a position in which I can observe like protagonist and not like victim or beneficiary to me of the circumstances. I do not have the intention to obtain that who read this writing I think like. Somebody could refute saying to me: I did not choose that accident that I had! Or also: I did not decide that the world-wide economy was in crisis! Being congruent with my intention, the one to share my ideas simply, I must accept that position also can be valid. But even though I have not chosen x or and situation, I it always has left the possibility of choosing how to react before this one. At moments like which we lived at the moment it seems to me urgent to review the glance that we have of we ourself, of our organizations and our region; to evolve to one more a vision more responsible for we ourself and our surroundings. The great myth When we imagined the happiness usually we take the thought towards paradisiac places where there is no death, where everything what we want appears of the anything, without effort. A idealizada reality, a story of you foretell with which many obtain, and obtain well. Recently it left on sale a series videos and books, very popular by the way, that sell the idea that obtaining any thing, it is only necessary to think about her with passion so that appears almost magically like that requests a desire to the genius of the lamp.