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Grandma Seven

my parents and my younger brother, who missed from greatly. It was on that trip and context when I heard for the first time the word crisis. Details can be found by clicking James Corden or emailing the administrator. He was seven years old. I remember even seeing seven o’clock newscast when I heard a…

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Latin America

The possibilities of conflict might be in northeastern Asia, in sub-Saharan Africa or the belt of break Eurasian, all turning in the latter on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, the Iranian nuclear arms race and in lower case the conflict in Lebanon. In the northeast of Asia it is evident that we are referring to the inter-Korean…

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South Africa

There are two examples of economic development in the region: Taiwan and Korea in the South and two cities (Hong Kong and Singapore) States, all known at the time as the Asian tigers or Nic s (Newly Industrialized Nations), today with a very moderate growth or stagnation, but which retain the achieved bonanza. Appeared called…

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