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Technical Consists

As you well know, the technique of marking is a popular technique among researchers but it is important that you know what is the field work that they undertake to have recourse to this type of technique. By regulating, the first thing you have to do a researcher, is to visit the area of study that will work. Subsequently, it is appropriate to use certain cheats or tricks to capture the Group of individuals that applies the technique of marking. Each individual brand as a unique identifier and is subsequently released. What comes to this step, is waiting for a period of time that is sufficient for the individuals that were marked, redistribute among those who were not.

Subsequent to this, the researcher is obliged to return and to capture a new sample of individuals. Considering that the technique of marking would have been previously applied during the second stage is to find the number of population which has been recaptured. This is how enough just two visits so that certain population size can be calculated. However, often happens that more than two visits for those cases in which covers topics such as survival or migration carried out. Regardless to the total number of visits, the researcher should take note of the capture date of each individual who applied the marking. Thus, through the historical method of catch is analyzed mathematically to the samples and estimated population size, their movements and their survival through the years. A. Verastegui hold.