Ten Supernations

This plan, when executed, will fulfill diverse prophecies Biblical, but remarkably the ten horns told in Apocalypse 13:1. Another text co-related to this same prophecy is in Daniel 2:20 – 45, and the chapter 7:1 – 28.Quando the scholars in Biblical prophecies they considered this part of the prophecy, more Daniel 9:27, affirmed that the Bible foresaw the restoration of the Roman Empire in the last days. The part most interesting of the European reunificao is that the geographic formation of the European Economic Community engloba almost that necessarily the borders of the old Roman Empire and this includes Supreme of the Nations of the World in Ten Supernations: In 1972, at was published a called book Mankind the Turning Point, that inclua a plan to reorganize the nations of the world in ten supernations. They are: 1. North America (NAFTA); 2. Europe Occidental person; 3. Japan; 4.

Australia, South Africa and the remain of the market economy of the developed world; 5. Eastern Europe, including Russia; 6. Latin America; 7. North of Africa and Middle East; 8. Tropical Africa; 9. Sul and Asian Southeast; 10.China.Finalmente, the current events in had possibly given the reply to them to the problematic prophecy in Apocalypse 13:1 and 17:1 – 3, that it says that the crossbow will have seven heads and ten horns.

Obviously, several of the heads will need to have a horn more than. The scholars had always had difficulty in explaining this prophecy. However, he considers that the plan for the creation of the New World-wide Order of the Antichrist is being headed for two forces: 1. The economic organization call ' ' G-7' '. The leaders of the G-7 always are represented by the heads of State, who if call ' ' cabeas' ' of organizao.2 the Plan of Reorganization in Ten Supernaes.E then we have the seven heads and the ten horns. Therefore, we now know the identity of the crossbow of Apocalypse 13:1, that will have seven heads and ten horns. The organization of the New World-wide Order of the G-7 fulfills the part of the seven heads of the prophecy, whereas the reorganization of the nations of the world in ten supernations fulfills the part of the ten horns. Thus, underneath of our noses, God fulfilled this mysterious prophecy Biblical! Certainly, the end of the times, the appearance of the Antichrist and the ravishment of the church of God are to the doors. Today, as never before, we are testifying the world to change of all the forms that had been augured in the referring Bible to the last days. If it is not deceptive: The Satan are congregating its troops of many different forms and all the directions, only waiting the day where these final restrictions will be removed. Then, it will attack to knock down the Old instituted the values of the judaism and the Christianity, establishing the New World-wide Order, based Order on the basis of in the paganismo. Att. Marcelo