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The Chinese Government

8.10. The propaganda continues to be an important weapon. NATO has released leaflets over the area of Tripoli. They are some sheets with images on one side and a text on the other side. Most of these messages are destined for the wrestlers gadafistas urging them to surrender.

Officers, soldiers and fighters of the great Libya. Many senior officers have defected and followed his conscience. Do not become part of the fight. Back with your family and serves your country, leaving weapons and your post and respecting the right of all Libyans to live in peace, it can be read in one of these leaflets, scanned by the correspondents of the Jazeera. 7.52. More international reactions. Iran has warned the Libyan people against those who acted as colonialists in the past and that now seek to influence the destiny of the country, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry, collected by the IRNA Agency.

In this regard, the Islamic Republic urges Libyans to be alert for safeguard their interests, so that these riots lead to the consolidation of an independent, sovereign and dignified country. 7.49. The emergence of the younger son, but possible successor of Gaddafi, Saif al Islam has sowed unease and confusion in Libya. Correspondents of the BBC in Benghazi – the self-styled rebel capital – so find it and ensure that prudence is replacing the jubilation and celebrations of the day of Monday. 7.27. International reactions to the collapse of the regime gadafi continue. The Chinese Government has called on Libya to protect their investments, especially in the oil industry, once Libyan rebels threatened to cancel trade and economic agreements between Beijing and the dying regime of Muammar al-Gaddafi.