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The Construction

Therefore, the most common and correct constructive solution to the foundations of the houses should be considered as columnar foundations of precast concrete elements or wooden posts, exposed to the appropriate depth of antiseptic impregnation. Along the perimeter of the building for drainage is necessary to arrange blind area or sidewalks. The wooden elements of buildings, based on the foundation piles and strip footing, it should reliably isolate waterproofing linings from two layers of roofing felt or tar paper .. For better insulation from the inside base to sleep in dry sand or slag. Read more from Jeffrey L. Bewkes to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Since the device requires a floor on joists podsypku all underground, which is associated with additional volumes of earthworks, construction and appreciation of the impossible in the winter time, for standard modular homes prefabricated frame and panel construction are arranged insulated (double) floor joists with a device for rolling black. This design makes it possible to arrange the houses buried underground, used for storing potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. Constructive activities protection from rotting basement with insulated units with cold floors underground should provide maximum ventilation of the underground and reliable thermal insulation of the floor, and steam – and waterproofing of the floor. In the winter time temperature drop in the underground should not be more than (+) 2 – (+) 5 .

To ensure these conditions are at the top of the cap suit openings (produhi) not less than 25 25 cm at a distance of 5 meters from each other around the perimeter of the house, and clean floor is laid over a layer of glassine overlap with careful stitches. The height of the underground must be at least 40 cm Ventilation mezhdupolya done with a gap of 15 mm, arranged between the floor and walls and the closed baseboards or by a device openings placed at the corners of rooms. In all cases, the device node basement exterior sills should be thoroughly cover the roofing iron, securely preventing them from contact of atmospheric moisture. Continuation of site unknown facts about the construction