The Day

The past already happened, good or bad but has already passed, you cannot change but if you can learn. It is a good exercise to see and calmly analyze the mistakes of the past, not to mourn but to learn and improve it is good to occasionally see the mirror rear-view mirror, but more importantly see forward, toward what I’m going to conquer in my near future. All human beings without exception we need a change in our lives, the reason for this is that in our essence need to grow. The day we no longer grow we started to die. You was designed as a conqueror since was a seed, a small sperm in a death struggle by an objective very clear fertilize an egg. That in its essence is a conqueror, a warrior, perhaps asleep, wounded or confused, but eventually a warrior.

In this article you will find the guidelines that will help you to rediscover their essence, their potential, their course. Humility is one of the key principles to begin a full restructuring in his life; without it, any progress will be impossible. You cannot normally change your outside world, you cannot change people, nor most of the external circumstances. You cannot change the economy of his country, or put an end to crime, the evil or the way of thinking of the majority; However you, if it can change their way of thinking, their habits, their vision of life and understand its particular purpose. If you change your way of thinking, will change their way of living and although not You can change your outside world, if you can see it different. Obstacles in life may be only that obstacles, but if you have generated an inner change then, such obstacles are converted into treads to grow and advance to new levels. The sky can be seen in two ways: partly cloudy or partly sunny; everything depends on the part on which to focus.