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The Economic Model Of Business .

Highly recommend to study my information and I am sure – it will change many lives for the better. Today I will be glad to acquaint you with an effectively functioning business model. With this model, each month I earn money and develop their business in several cities in Russia and dr.stranah. With this special you ask. Yes, just what I do not have employees nor kriditov or warehouses.

You can argue and say is not too realistic, I can reply – .Vam should try and use them in your life that you have already used in practice and gave their findings to others. Let's talk about what's important to know today: Financial Wisdom – it consists of 4 factors: 1. literacy .- Ability to read numbers. 2. Investment strategies. The science of money making money. 3.

Market. Supply and demand. 4. Legislation, laws. Knowledge in accounting, corporate, state and national rules and predpisaniyah.Itak why perplex himself to the development of financial intelligence? On this question, each is responsible himself I can tell you why I myself do it. I do this because – this is the most exciting action for me, I feel that I live. I welcome the changes in life and not afraid of them. I get excited by the thought that you can make millions and not the thought of worrying about non-receipt higher salaries. The time in which we live gives us bezpritsidentnye, historic opportunity. Future generations will look back on this period of time and celebrate what it must have been an extraordinary time, it was the birth of a new and withering away of the old excitement and turmoil.