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The Fair

It is common we finish for expanding our perception of the past that has as interest to investigate the mechanisms of reproduction and preservation of the social memory. Obeying, over all to the vital necessity to preserve and to transmit plural and only experiences, at proportionate moments for a memory. The Fair as a cultural expression When thinking the fair of Major Prates as a cultural expression, we must search the culture concept. Ginzburg defines the culture as: ' ' the set of activities, beliefs, codes of proper behavior of classes.' ' (GINZBURG, 1939, p.12). In this way the related culture and with the totality that characterizes one definitive social reality, express in habit of a people in determined region. Frequently Frieda Hughes has said that publicly. Thus the proper development is marked by contacts, conflicts and different ways to conceive and to express the reality this call of culture, defined for Burke: Culture is a partilhados system of meanings, attitudes and values and the symbolic forms (presentations, artisan objects) where they is express or incarnate. The culture in this meaning is part in all a life way (BURKE, 2005, p.25).

The fair becomes part of the culture, therefore it keeps the active and preserved informal commerce, conserving practical popular and the mining identity north with its customs and habits. Beyond contributing with the economy of the quarter, it preserves the social memory through its commercial exchanges. Told for Mr. Mario: Work in the fair with medicinal grass, I have good customers she looks that me to deal with pains as example: in the stomach, heads, in the legs and etc. I use the plants of the region, habits that I learned with my aboriginal family of the Xavante tribe. Here in the fair I help the people if cure commercializing the plants and repassing my knowledge (interviewed Mr. Mario). The cultural habits are repassed in the fair through the commercialized products and also for the orality, having allowed the exchange of knowledge.