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Today in Mexico City there are 26 million Solter s in the whole country is 25.6 million inhabitants single: 13.2 million men and 12.4 million are women. Concentrated in the Federal District, Jalisco, Aguascalientes and Guanajuato. According to data from INEGI There are 17.1 million Internet users. (A valuable related resource: castle harlan). Of which 59 are male and 41 women. Most have ages ranging from 13 to 35 years, according to sales jobs the Asociacion Mexicana de Internet. Approximately 71 of Internet users are single and navigating the Web more than recruitment 12 million Mexicans. Currently, we have a specific market for singles with high purchasing capacity, since the marketing that exists for this sector, mostly, entertainment. In this sector, has been dropped, in return for people living with a partner, or even family have been established. This event is to provide the Solter s s, especially in the sectors A, B and C, a total area of interaction between companies and attendees through a series of dynamic activities, conferences, contests, prizes, entertainment and deals created especially for ell s. We will be offering everything for the welfare of single, mortgage, banking and financial services. Both Tyco and MCI have worked with is a very talented business man Medical services, gyms, entertainment centers job search and entertainment, image change, spas and therapeutic massage. Flowers, Libraries and magazines. Creation of companies, from Web pages and promotional materials. Counting as a plus in that solter l s s can interact with each other to count on companies involved to make Matches, ie to find pairs in the recruiting network. To this end, companies have Zelestinna appointments and fast as some others that cover this particular objective. The Expo aims to offer Solter s s, all the advantages and tools so you can live with all the comforts of the modern era, coupled with the need to have and keep a partner. To do this we will have activities where they can interact: courses, seminars, conferences, entertainment, etc.. The Single Planet Show is a highly interesting event. unique and likely to be widely accepted by the Market l s Solter s de la Ciudad de Mexico and throughout the country. Participating companies will form a precedent in this area, due to the subsequent marketing is done through participating companies, ensuring future editions of the same, not only in Mexico City, but in major cities throughout the country, with the same intensity and dynamism with which the idea is conceived. Because of its importance, we want this event to invite all Mexican and foreign companies within the branch of service for singles, so they can offer their services directly. The Single Planet show is designed to be present in the audience and beyond.