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The Internet Generation

Currently, the medias do not compete primordially between itself, but also with the common users, who together finish all structuralizing a collective intelligence and spreading information for the universe on-line. (ANDERSON, 2006) In agreement still with Anderson, the two main Long Tails that are transforming the way journalistic are the Long Tail of the temporality (change of the criteria of noticiabilidade throughout the time) and the Long Tail of the abundance of content (the biggest example of this are blogosfera, in which publications in great volume are propagated in web, which enters in dispute for the attention of the public-target). For in such a way, the importance of the notice starts to fall again on that they have relevance in the long run, and the ones that have high level of trustworthiness, a time that the volume of available information is extremely great. Generation Y the young born between 1978 and 1990 is a generation called Y or Internet Generation. They are young that has affinity with the technology, that they are apt to explore the resources interactive, and, beyond everything, are capable to influence friends and relatives. ' ' The Internet Generation is the generation most intelligent of all, as evidenced for results of QI tests and other extraordinary taxes of graduation of universidades' ' (TAPSCOTT, 2010). Especially for these characteristics, it is possible to say that a group of people is existed who in fact can bring changes effective to tona, this group is Generation Y. Eager for new features, and more apt if to adaptarem to the interatividade of the Digital TV, the young of the Internet Generation are indicated to be used as ' ' cobaia' ' for the initial tests, a time that ' ' the implantation of interactive services must offer a certain difficulty for most of the population, especially if the services not to present high degree of usability, what it can come to demand a time for the adaptation of the population to this new linguagem' '.