The Receivables Management

Account payers benefit from the payment discount when your suppliers fully. Directly guided to liquid, you have a larger e-commerce space with the purchase of goods and raw materials. Nearly 90 percent of all suppliers are now willing to give 3-5 percent discount. Different factoring species: there are many possibilities and offers, but crucially, which factoring your business fits. Snippet – / selective factoring here exclude certain accounts receivable in advance from the factoring. This can be E.g. discount paying customers with a demand ban on sales, customers who work according to VOB, or with deposits, retail, customers abroad, etc.. Real factoring assumes the factoring Bank default risk, one speaks of real factoring.

Here, it is not possible the factoring clients accessing the factoring Bank, if the debtor is insolvent. Full service factoring all services such as call failure protection, be here Accounts receivable management, Dunning and collection industry by the factor applied. In-house factoring the entire accounts receivable management remains in the hands of the company. The Receivables Management includes accounts receivable, regular credit checks, reminders and debt collection. Full service factoring here all services such as call failure protection, accounts receivable management, Dunning and collection being the factor be applied.

Open factoring invoices include the notice that they have been purchased. Thus, the sales for the customer is shown. Reverse factoring a factoring variant incorporating your (selected) suppliers. Not your customers, but your own vendor invoices (for suppliers) be bought here. Silent factoring invoices contain no reference to the sale. Fake factoring here remains the risk of default for the factoring customer if the debtor is insolvent. VOB – factoring a special variant, which also craft from the construction-related trade, despite statements according to VOB, as well as partial and advance payments, the factoring