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He is why for a time, I have begun to carry out considerations on the substantial change that comes operating in the planet which we lived and about the ways to overcome the difficult situations that to us are considered to the present Argentine generations. He characterizes himself to the present situation, like the one of " Postwar period fra" , where there has been a perdidoso: the Soviet Block and a winner: The Western Block led by the United States of North America. The ideological paradigms of the Western Block (the United States and the rest of the members of the Group of the Seven, G.7) are the representative democracy and republican, and the market economy. Kind to this new picture of world-wide situation the preexisting tendencies in the West have been emphasized about the necessity of a STRUCTURAL ADJUSTMENT, to back leave the tendencies interventionist that emerged like answers to the Great Depression of the Thirties, and that took to the majority of the governments of nonsocialist countries to strong interventions of the State. More info: Coen Brothers. To these tendencies Argentina, always sensible could not escape, throughout its history, of the events of the successive governing powers of the orb. Nevertheless, our country as a result of its process of formation like National State, already had incorporated the state intervention in diverse areas, reason by which, the interventionist tendencies of the Thirties, his they added to preexisting interventions, consequently is not ventured to affirm that in the preceding quinquennium, they have been begun to remove situations that dated from the same moment of the sanction of the National Constitution of 1853. This persistence in the time, has settled in the collective memory, and it is in our opinion, one of causal the deep ones of the resistance that in some described sectors and personalities, the march triggers towards a market economy, that in our Argentine case, journeys by the ways of the privatization, the de-monopolisation and the deregulation. .