United States

Just as in the last samurai or the last of the mahicans, painted in version of hollywood as the end of an era of dignity and pride, someone (perhaps Bolibud the Hollywood of India), in not long we deliver more a dramatized story of the Puritan world of the United States of America, in the last Gringo. There is no doubt that the so-called American auto imposed their way of seeing the world; a superficial world of phrases hollow as free world or that of the Government of the people and for the people and a never-ending collection of statements of human rights in the image and likeness of its historical moment. Thus for example the Chinese or Cubans, are repressed by their respective Governments, peoples as prejudice against the prevailing stereotypes of freedom, right to information and democracy; without evaluating really and with objectivity if they are or not a valid thermometer for measuring their realization as human beings in society. American Puritanism concealed and conceals attacks to human dignity really serious, so for example: argued slavery when had already been abolished in most of the world, exploded and exploited the labour of migrants in inhuman conditions, is the first consumer of healingeffects and ranks countries according to their fight against drug trafficking, its system of democratic election is indirect and openly manipulated and still represses its own citizens through economic basic satisfiers accessgiving them through a selective system of credit. Now happiness seems to be universally centered on access to information and free trade, but even in these topics Puritanism has limits that threaten humanity, because: your information is free; provided you do not violate the property and economic interests represented by patents and intellectual property rights, or propagate an ideology contrary to his way of seeing life. With regard to free trade, everything is valid as not to affect their pockets, for that if so, substantiate and will impose any restrictions; as not allowing access for Mexican carriers to deliver products of that country, which limited an activity and more expensive product. The history that is written at the moment seems to announce a new reality that surely impose new criteria on his ves. The Empire of the United States of America on the world is in decline, but corporate giants will apparently survive to the debacle and will surely seek to sustain a global idiosyncrasies that will be favourable, if however are not alone on the cusp of power.

China emerges as dominant economy and society and their interpretation of social and human thought is diametrically different; In contrast to the Puritan statements is essentially pragmatic in achieving objectives, whose crude and stark approach barely hides in the subtlety of the words. Neither of the two options will allow the subsistence of the gringo inocenton in appearance and statements but voracious and tax on the facts. Expect us times where manipulative touch of Puritanism will be replaced by the stark and direct imposition of conditions and interests. The last of the Yankees, for good or for evil, because it is subject to a story poorly told.