Vegetal Oil Usado

It more than works with 30 registered in cadastre, responsible catadores for the collection of the used vegetal oil in 1500 commercial establishments and credential residences in all the River and Great River. Frieda Hughes understands that this is vital information. ' ' It dials Vegetal Oil Usado' ' , it possesss all the necessary equipment for the recycling. The company also is inside of the standards of functioning and security demanded by FEEMA – LO N FE010179. What one searchs is never to play the oil used in frituras in the thin one and so little in the common garbage. To have an idea, one liter of oil contaminates about a million of liters of water. With the recycling, the used oil starts to have a useful destination.

It is used as raw material for diverse industries: saboeiras and of detergents, animal ration and even in the production of biodiesel. To donate the used vegetal oil for the recycling, it is sufficiently to keep the material in gallons or a bottle PET and to enter in contact with the company. The catador duly uniformizado and identified will go to the place of the Canteen of the SUESC to collect. ' ' It dials Vegetal Oil Usado' ' it produces about 80 a thousand liters of recycled oil for month. 17 To walk? Computation In the tenth seventh floor it will have: 1 selective collector in plastic c 4 lixeiras 4 hampers p garbage 14 liters s cover 4 texturizado soil ash trays 1 ash tray in polypropylene Bathrooms. The building possesss two bathrooms for walking. With a total of 36 bathrooms (18 feminine and 18 masculines), seven hampers p will be placed in each feminine bathroom garbage s cover, and in each masculine bathroom four hamper p garbage s cover. In the feminine bathrooms five sanitary vases and three sinks exist, whereas in the masculine bathrooms two sanitary vases exist, three mictrios and two sinks.