Vision Correction Laser Medicine

Currently medical advances go hand in hand with technology and human knowledge but can never be replaced, the addiction caused by technology to facilitate all processes is increasing. A great example of this is surgery laser vision correction. The laser vision correction, it becomes more and more into an almost aesthetic choice as to facilitate, improve and restore visual work removed the use of eyeglasses and contact lenses, which cause problems in the patient’s personality as insecurity, discontent and sense of vulnerability to others, giving a better appearance and security personal to the individual. Treatment of laser vision correction is an invasive procedure, minimally clear this is a process that is usually done to correct eye diseases like myopia, hyperbola, astigmatism, cataracts, presbyopia and corneal problems, these are the problems treated more and more common today. Treatment of view laser began developing in 1994 where this intervention was done in rare occasions, was usually made only in cases where the disease was in an advanced state, a process so through with great precision lenses and the surgeon’s manual. Although today is used in few occasions, the method remains the great principle of minimum visual processing problems. Treatment of laser vision correction is done by a small surgery where the individual is anesthetized locally opens the eye opening for greater accessibility to the affected eye and proceeds to remove the tissue that protects the lens. This whole process is carried through electronic goggles that allow image magnification and provide the surgeon with a perfect view of the affected area.

The laser is composed of UV light and electric beats with great force sent to the affected eye area with a speed of a millionth of a second, to destroy the damaged tissue and promote recovery from it. This process although in a very sensitive area like the eye, is a one hundred percent safe procedure and the results are a perfect visual and recovery within a maximum period of three days. Today, the medico-scientific advancement allows the laser vision correction using a computer to be programmed by coordinates is almost independent, the surgeon removing and role. Although these processes are done under supervision of several medical specialists to deal with emergencies that are present in any case. The laser light treatment but is a process that requires major technological resources, has a relatively low price to the results, the ease and recovery that this brings, making it a process of great accessibility to anyone with vision problems. Although the treatment of laser vision correction is constantly monitored have never met reports of problems with this type of intervention.