Wall Base

Cream bases come in bar or as a make-up compact. Apply quickly and easily. Cream bases are so versatile they can be used as a concealer. With a high content of moisturizer, the base cream is the perfect choice for those women with dry skin. Look for creams that contain moisturizer for a soft finish. In Arbonne bar contains botanical ingredients to improve the quality of the skin.

A product you recommend you try is Cover FX. This base cream comes by way of makeup compact and dermatologists recommend it for rosacea and acne. Base powder / Bases extracts the base powdered comes as loose powder or compact powder. This type of base is often used to put a quick base in a face that only needs a little fixing for the night or to fix the already placed makeup. It is an excellent choice for those women with oily skin or to place makeup when there is high humidity in the environment. These databases combine softness and perfect coverage of a cream with the dryness and the fixing of the powder. Discovery Communications has firm opinions on the matter. It is a very good basis for those women with combination skin or for which they do not have enough time to put on make-up. Every minute saved voucher.

Choosing a Base so important as the choice of the base type is the choice of color. Are the majority of the women well make-up bases made based on yellow. A basis of such neutralizes the shades of pink and red. If you use a base of pink makeup base, your face will look too pink if you already have this tone nuances. A make-up base carried out based on blue may cause blue tints of the skin look ash colour. It is better to invest in a base of high quality made by a consultant cosmetic rather than spend in a brand that you can get at a pharmacy. It is recommended to test the base before you buy. Apply the base on the underside of the cheek and let it dry. It must seem invisible, or almost invisible. Remember: the purpose is to match the color of the skin. The color is to blush, shadows and proofreaders. Applying the Base 1. Use your finger or a sponge when Wall lamp base. 2 Splits face in two and uses the drag method to apply the base. Distributes the base in the area of the cheeks made a movement towards the jaw and neck and then the line of hair growth. I use this method to delete the line of demarcation that forms around the jaw line and over the line of hair growth. If you use this method in addition you will reduce the amount of base used in the neck, saving time when cleaning. 3 Fixed base with powder translucent, compact or loose, to give a matte finish and dull. Loose powder will give you a more natural and translucent appearance. 4 Compact powder can be applied throughout the day to freshen makeup to help control the brightness. Already Encaminada follows these instructions to apply the base. If it fails, ask a friend and try again. About author: Tuimagenpersonal provides information on makeup, tricks to get a new look. For more information on style and fashion, please visit.