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WFSB Advisory Group

WSFB Advisory Group worked out with the senior executives of companies timetables for overcoming the economic crisis. WSFB Advisory Group worked out with the senior executives of companies timetables for overcoming the economic crisis. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Rupert Murdoch on most websites. What is still on our company in the coming months due to the current economic and financial crisis? And: what should our Organization do to survive the crisis not only as possible without prejudice to, but possibly even strengthened to emerge? The executives of many companies wondering at the time because almost all executives have never experienced such a market situation such as the current. Therefore strategies and timetables they lack, to tackle the crisis. Against this background, the WSFB Advisory Group Wiesbaden has designed a new workshop.

“His title: Act rather than the economic crisis to respond master”. In it, WSFB consultant with the management teams of companies determine not only the current situation and the resulting need for action. You develop with the participating executives also concrete timetables for overcoming the crisis. The workshops, which are always tailored to the needs of the company, usually in five phases are divided according to the WSFB managing director Hans-Werner Bormann. First, the current situation is analyzed.

In other words, is determined: to what extent have the framework conditions for the company due to the financial and economic crisis has already changed, and where there is acute need for action? Then designed scenarios as is for example the market the company could develop and what challenges would result in the next step. Then the participants wondering what scenarios are the most likely and what action results from them. This is clear, the various options for action are determined and discussed. Here the WSFB advisers acts as initiator and moderator, to ensure that the participants see not possible options for action or prematurely discard. Are the options clearly, the management team makes a decision about the approach. Then, the participants deal with the question of the consequences from the basic decision for the various corporate divisions, and specifically how the company in whose implementation should proceed. “” The goal here is according to Bormann WSFB CEO: participants will jointly design a roadmap to overcoming the crisis and to avoid negative consequences for the company “and a Fahrpan, which also takes into account that in the coming months much else quite can come today thought of as” and therefore on demand allows a rapid course correction.