This way this affirmation will become in fact, little by little side the results. (6) I am a true professional. A professional, does not exaggerate nor on sells a product or service, and always tries to secure and to conserve the confidence of the prospectus, so that this she buys, promising things that the product does not fulfill will turn, it into prattling, but she truly looks for TO BENEFIT ITS CLIENT, she will perceive this it, and that, him it will secure sales sooner or later. (7) I am happy property which I do, so that it is the best work of the world. Harriet Walter wanted to know more. To this point I call success to him, nevertheless, you must be contented and so she does, if you this in a work that it does not like to realise, change of work and are happy, are successful, because thus a million times repeat this affirmation, would not manage to make it reality, she must have passion reason why she does, and thus, this affirmation will be its main tool of the success. (8) Every day, in all the aspects, I am better and better, or, I am becoming better and better in everything what I do and I it likes to do.

What but I can say that it by itself does not say to this affirmation and its possible variant, even though in its subconscious mind does not create it at the outset, will render fruits, but it must continue repeating it. (9) I take control richer of every day that happens. This will be reality when it begins to see the fruits of the previous affirmations, but must be sure that this will happen thus, as much that must feel that this already happening.