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Worldwide Crisis

During the last decades, almost the totality of the world lives under the predominant ideology of the neoliberalismo, that is, the markets assume the command of the economy of the countries, with consequent reduction of the paper of the Estado.Em the globalizado world, were of if waiting that at the moment where U.S.A., greater economy of the world, entered in crisis, all the world-wide economy would pass for difficulties, and is in fact what it is occurring. With the superior GIP to the 13 trillions of annual dollars, great consumistas and with a style of not sustainable life, ambiently and socially speaking, since they emit about 30% of all world-wide pollution and disentails the economy of the distribution of income and the social character, what it makes with that the income if concentrates at the hands of few, and consequentemente the majority of the society lives in the misery, that country left that its banking system entered in a crisis without precedents in the current days. The world then, that already was marked for the structural unemployment (the call industrial army of reserve for the industries), to get worse, still resignations in mass are announced, where never it heard to speak in such a way in collective vacations, horria load reduction, reduction of wages, etc. expressions that now are close of the population. In the Europe, the crisis, allied to the social problems provoked by the aging of the population and consequent increase of the expense in the social scope and the unfair competition with the Asian products aggravate the effect of the crisis. In Spain, the unemployment is almost the double of the countries developed of that one contimente (14%) and Germany lost the position of 3 world-wide economy for the China.Em Asia, Japan, what they indicate the statisticians, also will lose its rank of 2 world-wide economy for China in 2010.Em capitalist the whole world, the people beyond losing its jobs, still is without place to live, Brazilians who live in U.S.A.