Month: February 2021

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As Hemingway

Already mentioned that it is thanks to his third wife that Hemingway starts to live on the estate of San francisco de Paula, but it is curious to know that whatever is fruitful and pleasant that It was actually the writer’s relationship with the place, it could not have been never materialized. The first time…

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Andrew Days

If the Earth is weak it will not fruit, if the seed is ill-fated, simply remove the soil and change it. If your family thinks that you, show you that your attitude is different. Show them that you’re not the same, that you’ve changed, that despite your young age (25 years really just begins to…

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If we will be stimulated in the field of the faith, will desire to search a religion that in them brings the satisfaction and the pleasure to vibrate God through the Divine virtues, such as the tolerance, the respect stops with other religions and forms of cults. If we will be stimulated in the field…

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The Consumption

But along with these of in case important changes and obvious interconnected with them, we attended a change of the productive modalities, of use and subsistence, that lead to a new model of social organization, del that cannot be said with exactitude like being, but it is possible to be risked that to be quite…

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The Experimentation

A diversity of lecturas.&quot takes place; it is read in several verses of HANDS TO the WORK Thus they are unfolded the instances of the poetic production from the psychic or psychological state of the producing poet, his thus called inspiration, the appearance of the elements that they conform the poem, the satisfaction or allowance…

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