Month: April 2021

Stephen Jay Gould

Of the biological point of view, the comparison of Smith is not been improper. Until where we know, the viruses if differentiate of other microorganisms for autodestrutivo behavior. To be multiplied, they they attack blindly and they finish destroying its proper ways of multiplication. Conclusion: success of the viruses, when eliminating its hosts, is a…

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Panicum Virgatum

The Red River of the North had eroded its banks and submerged two cities of the Midwest. Using mats, geotextiles and meshes anti-erosive at the base of a dam of Earth and road in the area was achieved the stabilization of soils. The river has a bank in the city of Grand Forks, new levees…

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Taxi Company

Elite taxi company goes to a leading position in the transport market through expert approach to organizing work and the desire to make a life of its customers better. Our company works in the field of transport, providing services to the VIP taxi in major Russian cities. We believe that the quality of life of…

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