Abyss Leave

The common dependency must be used at times of crisis to conduct tending battles to assure the survival so that all leave the crisis fortified, been thankful for and ready to realise new agreements in conditions of confidence, because that would not trust that it helped him at the difficult moments and that would not try as well to help it? I am of that they think that the crises are not the ideal moment to take advantage of the weakness competitors, because although it could leave winning when buying or to absorb its market in advantageous conditions, the moment is due to use to fortify the economy to the maximum and it does not stop to increase its disadvantages. To more broken companies greater it will be the risk of which the total system stays in crisis by long time, major will be the social risk produced by the unemployed ones and greater the abyss than will be necessary to save to leave the crisis, if their activities help to that the crisis is accelerated same you will be affected. You may find that charlie watts can contribute to your knowledge. If bankruptcy to a competitor and absorbs its market, but it is a market without capacity of purchase by increasing unemployment, in fact will have won? It shares the risk and the business I have come speaking of horizontal alliances and vertical, with competitors, suppliers and clients, the alliance allows to share businesses and also to divide the risk, can be that it less gains a little but also can be that does not lose or that if it happens does not affect to him noticeably, to look for allies to make businesses at times of crisis avoids that it must be get into debt to finance great businesses, aid a to count on its experience, its leverage, its equipment and their people in favorable conditions. It also depends on its style like leader, can happen that you want to only run the risk, if wins will leave fortified, if it probably loses is his completes decision, has lost. Visitenos in original Author and source of the article