American Psychologist

Psychologists confirm that in the coming months to be a gigolo expanse. During the crisis, secured a man to get rid of his mistresses – about the same as non-core assets. These women were the first cast may be in risk, presenting an easy prey for men looking for sponsors. As they say in the police, the potential victim does not necessarily have a business or live on the ruble. Has its own housing – already a suitable candidate. Drives a foreign car? Too bad – for gasoline in short supply, hence, a man can feed. For many men who were left without work, gigolo career – the only way to make money, writes the magazine. 'Educated Managers were due to the crisis in a difficult situation – they hang loans, which must be paid, – says Dmitry Cinara psychologist.

– And to solve these problems can often be at the expense of women. " 'Besides the fact that men are now trying to avoid any unnecessary costs, have long known that in hard times and they especially do not need sex ', – says another expert in this area Lidia Orlova. According to her, because of congestion on the work of men simply do not have time for it to to deal with their personal lives. 'Our country is still considered a priori that the breadwinner – Male' – says sociologist Zoya Khotkina of the Moscow Center for Gender Studies. If you would like to know more about Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant, then click here. Recognized in the financial insolvency men is very difficult. But women take on the role of breadwinner, in principle, it is easy, I'm sure a psychologist Angelika Munasipova: in the last 15 years in Russia, women have become very independent and have shown willingness to solve men's problem. A study by the American company Prince & Associates, showed that most of the wealthy women that contain lovers, even going to raise them 'fees' – say, in a world where everything falls apart, they are betting on romance. And Alphonse is very much on hand, the paper concludes.