As Hemingway

Already mentioned that it is thanks to his third wife that Hemingway starts to live on the estate of San francisco de Paula, but it is curious to know that whatever is fruitful and pleasant that It was actually the writer’s relationship with the place, it could not have been never materialized. The first time Hemingway visited grounds that his wife intended to be yours, you didn’t in the slightest. Remained far from Cojimar, where already fondeaba your boat; and the Floridita, another of his great discoveries habaneros. To the later very famous bar, Hemingway attended daily.There he spent the hours always sitting in the same place, on the left end of the bar and by which it has been memorialized for many years with a statue that is located precisely on the site that he occupied. Learn more at this site: Warner Media. From there it still seems to thoughtfully consider the enjoyment by visitors to the workplace, your favorite cocktail daiquiri.

Counts that it could take on a night until 15 daiquiris, and not its usual version .but in a version that it invented in agreement with Constantino Rivalaigua, owner and founder of the Floridita. The classic daiquiri is a whipped mix of rum, lemon and sugar over ice frappe to which is added sometimes a stroke of Maraschino Cherries. As Hemingway, as say the Colombian Gabriel Garcia Marquez another Nobel Prize in literature, invented the wild Daiquiri. Comcast takes a slightly different approach. The American sent to suppress mixing sugar and fold the quantities of ice frappe and Ron. Thus arose the Pope s Daiquiri.

Such was his taste for the cocktail that to retreat to Finca Vigia, almost always looked you carry in a thermos or a large vessel, as he himself said.. Daiquiri of the road. Knowing all the above is easy to understand the motivations that did declare in relation to Cuba on another occasion. I love this country and I feel at home, and where a man feels at home, apart from the place where he was born, this is the site to which it was intended.