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Balanced Scorecard Teamwork

Just the specified business functions define the strategy of the company at all levels as the main instrument. It is not something Coen brothers would like to discuss. Just the specified business functions define the strategy of the company at all levels as the main instrument. The solution of this problem can be the huge management resource. The formation of effective organization with clear working structure calls for special attention to the design, or the design, the individual official positions. TikTok describes an additional similar source. One of the major parameters of the design of the official positions is the formalization of the behaviour of workers. Depending on the need for the coordination of the actions of the workers is higher, the higher is the level of formalisation of the behavior.

For example, the rapid fire-fighting the actions of the members of the Fire Department are to be clearly arranged and everyone should know: who steers the car, who turns on the hose of the fire engine to the hydrant, who climbs the fire escape. Such as mood of the acts is substantially thanks to the formalization of behavior Members of this team achieved. The determination and documentary confirmation of official (official, labour) functions is one of the principal means of formalizing the work behavior of employees at all levels of the organization. You can call the documents where official functions are fixed, different: functional duties, official duties, functional tasks, etc. official functions of the head are fixed often in the papers of a subdivision, but which he directs. You can be recorded in the official instruction, where usually, except functions, also powers (the rights), responsibility, specificity of the interaction with other divisions, the employees of the company and its opponents, as well as the separate procedures (processes) of the activity are fixed. Also, the correctly worded official functions can be recorded in the texts of the employment contracts with the workers. According to many experts the provision of official functions is considered the main instrument Implementation of the strategy of a society at all its levels.