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BU Absicherung

Questions on the PKV and BU Absicherung-what you should keep in mind. This question arises in many deliberations to private health insurance, but also to the disability. The \”Contribution\” or risk premium (RZ) is a way of the insurer to insure people who are not acceptable to normally calculated premiums. The premiums are always calculated in the car as well as in the BU insurance healthy insurance without pre-existing conditions to the so-called normal / collective contribution can be assured. Polymers Co. says on the issue. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out CBS. Is a changed / increased risk of the occurrence of disease or possible occurrence of the disability, is to assure this with exclusions or risk premium. In the disability insurance, there is the possibility to exclude these definable disease. This phrase can be for example: \”disability due to injuries of the right knee are excluded from the insurance coverage, this is not in the event of occupational disability taken into account.\” Some insurers also a supplement to the post can be selected instead of exclusion.

This will occur even if the disease is not distinguished. Thus, the insurer creates the possibility to differentiate healthy from a customers with pre-existing conditions. The surcharge is generally preferable to exclusion. In the private health insurance there is no exclusion (except for group contracts), so that only with surcharges to work. This also means that they are often significantly different, because this isn’t likely, to the contemplation of BU but to allow for the costs of treating the disease until the end of life. It comes to understanding problems but whenever a surcharge for one, from the perspective of the customer, insignificant disease is estimated.