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Buenos Aires Argentina

XVII open classroom of Pa Kua 2011 the International League of Pa Kua is pleased to invite you to join our big annual event, the XVII classrooms open international 2011 Buenos Aires Argentina classes take place on 10 and 11 December. For 17 years open classrooms meet practitioners of the world PKua over 1000 practitioners, in an annual event of much human value, where you can see all the disciplines such as martial art the widespread of our school due to the tremendous growth and expansion of the international Pa Kua teaching League worldwide are pleased to announce that this event was always held in ArgentinSince 2008 he will be taken to other countries one of them being chosen as the venue for international classrooms and others as offices of the national individual classrooms for each country. This year has been chosen again as headquarters for international classrooms the beautiful city of Buenos Aires in Argentina, this year are shaped all the delegations of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, United States, Puerto Rico, England, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, France, Portugal, and most expect their presence to make of these events, with already 17 years of existence, true celebrations of camaraderie amongst practitioners of Pa Kua in the world and your loved.. . Continue to learn more with: Robert A. Iger.