Check the address recorded with his own hand – it all fits. Try again – and again nothing. Do you hear footsteps, and suddenly opens door. Before you suddenly narisovyvaetsya man in his underwear, which apparently just sleeping innocently sleeping in your seemingly legitimate apartment. You’re wondering, and he, in principle, too. You enter the apartment and be sure that this is the same apartment you rented for a daily rent for a few hours ago. And it turns out that this man who in his shorts, he also took this apartment a few hours ago.

You are in shock – how did it, and where the same thing. Panic. But the crooks zdavshie you an apartment and a few other people until you’ve had, were noble, they do not touch your things, they simply lay down and put them on balconies, or anywhere else. In general, a sense of furious anger ispytavaya you and yours now ‘Comrade in misfortune’, call the police. For a long time waiting for your arrival. And after midnight okazvaetsya that you generally can not be there, as this apartment belongs to an entirely different people who just zdali it to someone who zdal it to you. AND miraculously no draws on the data made happy you just recently people who have passed you the apartment renovated in the center of Kiev for minimal money ….. These options may be many, the most offensive is that because of such cases, you, the guests, to spoil the view of our capital, the beautiful city of Kiev. Go to Beth Israel Heart Transplant for more information. And just so sorry that by using the services of obscure individuals – you risk not know about what is true service, represented by such companies on daily rental apartments, as CenterKiev apartments.