Chania – Best Midst

Experience Crete everyday, in the heart of the city of Chania is certainly no unknown insider tip more. And yet the least discover the heart and soul of the city. Mostly the tourists with cheap flights (E.g. Condor directly from Germany will fly to Chania) arrive at the airport and pass in the countless hotels and apartment-castles, which line up West of Chania through road and beach non-stop to the city centre. Here, where were the once idyllic fishing villages, mass tourism has arrived long ago.

Not so in the city of Chania. Although the city lives also by tourists who stream and populate the picturesque harbour and the old town streets during the day in the city from the hotels. However, Chania is commercial and administrative centre and is home to many schools and universities. The bar scene is similarly lively and hip. And in the shops of the new town, the Chanioten find chic fashion and goods for daily needs. Let the leather Street”and the rest of the old city during the day like the visitors. Who is willing to waive pool and full Board, swimming the experienced during your stay in the middle of the city of Crete pur.

Especially the romantic small hotels and guest houses in the old city, often renovated Venetian city palaces, promise a memorable holiday. Almost a day filling program is to keep track of the life in the mostly car-free streets (connected in many cases by stairs) from the balcony. Evening you can easily escape the (short-term) hustle and bustle on the waterfront promenade, if one is on the way in the restaurants of the locals behind the remains of the Armory and continues in the bars in Akti Miaouli Street. Here the young Beaus of the city are after midnight as at home”as Alternatively served as students or Cretan originals. Gudny Crete friend! Eberhard free