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Now among the centers, there is tangible beauty competition, which is a month kadym becoming a bigger problem for their owners. to say. How do stand out, attract attendees to yourself? First and foremost is the fact that salon owners have two basic methods – to improve competitive advantage directly inside the cabin and do external advertising. You should not focus on one approach, the improvement of the studio must be synchronized in both directions. A couple of years ago, it was possible to attract a significant number of visitors only by means of discounts, but now the competition is too great, so that everything was so simple. Let's look at each method individually. Let's internal benefits for the next example, within two or three quarters, opened two centers of beauty – not such a rare situation. Sonnenfeld.

At first glance, the impression that they have identical competitiveness: focus on a range of visitors, drawing level, identical prices, equal to the level of work. Despite this, one of the salons is much more high profitability, although the potential flow of new visitors is the same. What is the secret? Properly constructed price – visitors can see that at all for a small fee they will receive a nice addition to the original service. As a result, the total amount on the check increases. An experienced and charismatic manager who is aware of what to say and how to behave. Thanks to his efforts more and more new customers are becoming a beauty salon postoyannymi.V used an effective system of bonuses that lure patrons.