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What valley the penalty to make? what valley the penalty to conquer? that we need to evolve while beings in construction? These questions for many seem nonsense, however if all were asked and if they gave the time to answer itself exactly, would have much less envies in the people. The envy is one of the main bad feelings that the human being possesss, what the others conquer and live belong the evolution of them, needs concentrating in them in us. What it is important for experience of one is common place for another one, we need to enxergar what it is important for us. Something will be missed with us if we pass in such a way worrying in them about the other people’s life instead of directing ours. The envy is on the low one auto-esteem, insatisfao, misfortune. Contact information is here: Brigham And Women’s Hospital. Many do not know to be alone, need somebody for close all the time; All would have to reserve a time for itself, the time solitude in when it is necessary to stimulate the reflection of the proper existence. We need to reflect and to discover what we are important for, what we need to make stops auto satisfaction, what we like to make to raise auto-esteem, and what we need to abandon. All have capacity to answer the proper questions (Since that they are known well) the human being is LIMITLESS, since that not if leave to limit for somebody; For false ideologies, bad feelings? , as the envy Yes it limits in them.. .