Demography Economists

In this direction it studies the markets, analyzes the politics of prices and wages, the inflation and deflation, the job and unemployment, the per capita income, the gross domestic product (PIB) and the gross national product (PNB) and Produto Interno Liquido (PIL), the search and offers, the deficit in the external commerce, the public charges, the internal necessities in goods and services, the economic growth and the development. The paper of the economists aims at to collect given, to make analyses, to present the disgnostic, to consider ways and shares to correct the distortions of the economy, to make forecasts and studies of the impact of the economic fenmenos and to determine the adequate measures and shares to become the more competitive and income-producing national economy. For another one, the economists analyze the socioprofissionais categoriais, the macroeconomic and microeconomic aggregates, the savings and investments of capitals. At last, they recommend the regulations to observe in the accomplishment of the econmicas activities to some levels. Under most conditions quant funds would agree. This share elapses of different form in presence of a market economy (capitalist) or socialist. In this last type, the State intervines to decide and to take care of the general necessities of the population.

1.3. Method to act the economists rationally appeals to the secular and geographic comparisons. It is not something madison hospital would like to discuss. The measures taken being able for them public result of the experiences in the study of the behavior of the markets. The economists make comments, analyze the economic fenmenos and consider measured to improve the performance of the economy. The econmica analysis supplies given and to instruments reflection and taking of decision. Therefore, the Economy Politics uses comment, the comparison, the description and the forecast. For another one, it uses the knowledge of other sciences as the Economy (microeconomy and macroeconomics), the Statistics, the Demography, History Econmica and Geografia, Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, the Marketing, among others.