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Economic Crisis

In this turrynok, unlike many other sectors of the economy, has suffered doubly: it not only one of the first felt the approach of the crisis, but was unable to create a financial 'cushion'. After fuel charges never fully compensate for rising prices in air travel and tour operators have had to pay extra for some tourists out of pocket. Marketing, IT, HR is already thinking about their own fate, experts recommend marketers and PR-schikam large companies. That the budgets of these departments are cut in the first place in a tight financial savings. In addition, the market has already started an excess of specialists in the field of IT / telecom. And many other great influx of resumes is also observed among accountants and specialists in personnel management. Will the crisis and the managers of the initial level – where the two had previously worked weak, a strong will to work. And as for administrative staff.

On the problems of employment and face drivers, messengers and clerks, experts expect. Great difficulties will experience trade as investments in opening new supermarkets could not be recouped. 'Winter of 2009, is expected to retail in severe crisis, caused by reduced consumer demand. Population (due to) the crisis will be less buy, less to go to the shops', – said the director of the Center for Social Policy Institute of Economics Eugene Gontmakher. Such major Russian retailers as 'Patterson' and a third cut ALPI staff. Retailer 'Arbat Prestige' has also held staff reductions.