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Elections Without Politics

I no longer wonder why our illustrious representatives when the time comes to vote, do not resort to the historical memory of the golden age, much less cite Don Quixote in his rallies?. Learn more about this with Robert Iger . And it’s not because they have fame who wrote it, and have even ridden the odd show with his name: Miguel de Cervantes Prize! And if we walked we could see in various parts of the Spanish geography odd Monument to Don Quixote and Sancho. That is! at election time, even the slightest reference … Have not you wondered why?. Maybe it’s better not to, nor would it be advisable to relocate the matter to our dear, representatives and members of the government of Spain. No, do not do that as soon as one price (“picture?), Before that question could look bad and answer:” your father … just in case. ” Why I say this?, Well because in Chapter XLII of the second part of the work of Don Miguel Cervantes (hence political parties were never second best), just find Don Quixote that Sancho would govern an insular, adjective you throughout your face: a dullard.

That, I do not like it at all. But Don Quixote also dare to give him some advice: keep this thy Cato here who would counsel and be northern and guide you to a safe route and pull out of this stormy sea port where you will engulfment …. This means among other things, that does not give up on trying to “their joint” follow rules or tips that any ruling journey as you take steps towards good governance and prevent, to his great office, a bad government . You may want to visit Glenn Dubin to increase your knowledge. Perhaps some were left with what I imagine Sancho when shown the insular first proposed to him to govern. The rejected baby!. But of course! Who can say no to a dish? and as he himself said: I guess it’s good to send, even a herd of cattle.

“Livestock” give us the track because these few (who have come to realize that it is easier sheepishly govern a country a country of free citizens, responsible and enlightened) we want to make these, ie, in a country of sheep and with this maxim have acted, calling the development progress of an educational system which puts us results in the most recent posts of civilized countries (among others). But! What is the north or the guide notes that Don Quixote and Sancho gives?. Best not to warm to depose those who will, because if we listen and look as some of the bishops speak Spanish, and in these, they were told that they must have “fear of God” … the could design!. Don Quixote puts it forcefully: First oh boy! you must fear God, because the fear is wisdom and being wise thou canst not err in anything. Even if they could understand, perhaps ascertain that they require too much even for the second step. As Don Quixote without respite continues: “Secondly, thou must keep in view what thou art, striving know yourself, which is the most difficult knowledge that can be imagined. The meet will not puff as the frog who wanted to catch up with the ox …. What we are clear!. Don Quixote is not politically correct.