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England Life

For a long time in life people should be doing work which means income generation to be able to meet the needs that arise in life, so a large part of life people engaged in work activities and economic compensation that this means, but there comes a time of life in which already functions deriving from work not can continue developingSince that already there is with the conditions to support the physical and mental workload arising from many tasks; However different needs still have in life which only can attend through money; so to solve this type of situations, there is the pension, which consists of a medium to reach retirement, in such a way that it sought a person to have some income for the rest of his life, in other terms would offer a safe income of by life to a person. Seen another way the pension will be the payment given to a person regularly after attaining the retirement or the payment that is made to an employee because of a disability that does not allow to continue with the work unfolding within a job. It is worth clarifying that pension not only occurs as a result of the 2 cases mentioned in the previous paragraph, since the pension can also be awarded as a result of a deceased employee, case in which persons who will receive the pension will be the spouse and descendants of the deceased employee.

Mainly pension received by an employee is given as a creation of your employer or the sum of employers who have been in the course of working life. In these cases you will be talking about a plan of retirement; However this is not the only mode of presentation of the pension, since this can also occur as a result offered by labor unions, Governments and other types of organizations that are responsible for labour rights to some extent. Speaking of the pension, you can locate 2 manifestations, which are: defined benefit plans: case which defines a benefit from the beginning for the subject, which is determined on the retirement age of the employee; so must be a formula for the determination of the benefit, so are mainly addressed aspects such as the salary of the subject, the years that presto service and retirement age. You should have in mind that in some countries a different determination is performed as in United States and England. Defined contribution plans: in this type of presentation of the pension, which makes clear is the amount that you contribute, but the benefit to be received is unknown, so when it comes to retire a certain amount of money in an account, is available and can buy a pension with this or go withdrawing funds according to your needs..